Access Control and CCTV

ESC Automation provides Access and CCTV systems that completely integrated into your Building Automation System. You can choose from card access or automatic gates and ESC will make sure only authorized personal are able to enter.  By integrating card access, all of the information can be shared so that schedules can both enable the HVAC and Lighting Controls as well as the Card Access Card User or Door Groups. This also allows the Card Access System to be used for HVAC Override and provide valuable security logs of who went where and when.

By integrating the Card Access with the Building Automation, you eliminate the need for additional networks or personal computers and the associated software / firmware which all require ongoing maintenance and support.

Most facilities now include at least some peripheral CCTV Cameras for security purposes. ESC Automation is able to integrate the CCTV System into your Building Automation System to provide coordinated events, such as a Forced Door or Invalid Card with the CCTV image. Additionally, the CCTV cameras can be viewed through the integrated enteliWEB building management system